16 février 2011

A tribute to New York firefighters

    On September 11th 2001, around 9 am, two planes hijacked by terrorists hit each of the two Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York City. It was a shock not only in New York City and all over the USA but also throughout the whole world since people could watch the horror of these attacks on TV. Indeed, as thousands of Americans were trying to escape the bombed towers, billions of powerless TV viewers were watching what one could call "a blend of reality and science fiction". New Yorkers, firefighters and policemen experienced such a cruel and awful attack that  it led to a psychological shock and fear as we can notice in Ashley's testimony.

    It is difficult to imagine a more dangerous situation since the firefighters entered the towers who had just been hit by planes and which threatened to collapse any minute. In the towers, people were completely panicked and terrorized while the firefighters were trying to organize the rescue and evacuation of the towers.  Each tower contained more than a hundred floors, so the people trapped inside tried to reach the groundfloor as fast as possible.

    That is why we should never forget how brave the firefighters were, some of them lost their lives in order to rescue other people. We should be eternally greatful to the firefighters who dedicate their lives to save other people.

    Actually, they were capable of risking their own lives in order to rescue the men and women trapped in the towers. They had the ability to think about nothing but saving lives. On that day, they were able to rescue hundreds of people.

    Therefore the firefighters are superheroes for everyone. Compared with other superheroes, firefighters may not have the ability to fly, but they have the capacity of saving people's lives which is the most generous and courageous quality.

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  • IT very googd your blog

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  • A tribute to NY firefighter

    Thank you very much this blog. I needed it for my controle of English.

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